Friday, November 11, 2011

A Raclette lunch

Last Sunday we ate lunch next door at the Grosseltern{Grandparents} and they prepared Raclette for us. Raclette is a Swiss meal that is a very social meal that can last for hours. Raclette is the name of a certain cheese used to eat for this meal. While you wait for your cheese to melt, you talk hence the social part. I didn't take a picture of it, but you put a piece of Raclette cheese on the mini pan that you put on the bottom row{under the skillet/grill that the bacon is on} then you wait for it to melt and then either just eat the melted cheese alone or you pour it on top of mini potatoes. Either way you remove the melted cheese onto your plate and then put a new piece of cheese on the pan. You can also put some garlic powder, paprika powder or some herbs specific for this dish on top of the cheese before melting it. I like putting garlic powder on. Yum. The meal is also eaten with mini pickles, baby corn and they eat those baby onion things with them too. Don't know the name, I don't eat those. It is a simple meal, but fun and delicious. You fill up your belly fast though. I had this dish last October for the first time when I was visiting and we had it for Jachen's grandfathers birthday celebration. The whole family sat around the table and we had two Raclette dishes going, those Swiss love their cheese.
We own a Raclette grill so if you come visit us in Switzy then we will have Raclette!

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Olivia Carter said...

Scott's family has their own Raclette machine and they LOVE to eat with it. They do weird stuff with pickle, but it is very social and tasty!