Monday, May 30, 2011

this never gets old.

{click twice to see larger}

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lake drive

Last Sunday we had Stake Conference in a town that was about a half hour drive away, very close to Germany. A town that was near the hospital where Jachen's dad was, so after church we drove to visit him. The lake {not sure the name} is across the street from the hospital so we went and ate a snack on the lake front before our visit to the hospital. This is such a beautiful area, I am always in awe by a beautiful body of water.

I wish I had enough space to film the whole drive because it was beautiful. Here is part of the beauty. Come on the drive with us.

If you want to see more of our drive, watch this video too.

our view from where we sat, tucked away from the hot sun. That is Germany across the way.

Friday, May 27, 2011


The other night for our family home evening activity we took a little drive up to where we took our engagement photos. That monday, this past monday, was also our 1 MONTH of us being married. Hooray. This place up in the mountains is only about a 15 min drive from our home. We drive out of our little village, into this village pictured below, that you are going to want to click on the photo so you can see it more up close, and then we have some switchbacks up into the hill, pass a small town on top of the hill and then higher up to this patch of forest area where we took our pictures. If you come visit us, we will for sure be taking you on this drive it is AMAZING. I wish I would have photographed more of the can see a little bit more of the other side of the hill in the last picture posted. There are some great roads and trails you can walk when up there as well.

here is one of the spots we took our photos

this spot, below, is directly behind where i was standing taking the above photo of jachen. NOW they have built a new fence blocking off the entrance to that mound. we stood on that mound and took our photos. the mound is only about 8 feet wide so that is all we had to move around on, the rest was down hill and covered in snow. on the other side of that mound is an AMAZING view which even our engagement photos couldn't capture. 

I hate how horizontal pictures load so small.

I love when people think I am taking pictures.

One more thing I love about Switzerland, you can pretty much walk into anyones land.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Walks-my little big adventure

in my last post i mentioned i went on a walk, a long walk. here are some of the images i saw and captured while along my way. i walked over 4miles each way, it was wonderful. this road i took was one of the ways which we drive out of our village and i wanted a closer look at everything. i was able to enjoy the scenery more than if i was just speedily driving past it. it was a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze.

kids playing hockey at the post office

see the little cows?

passed many fields like this one

a lot of rolling hills along the way, that never gets old

i walked to the end of that restaurant which is about 5 miles away, then turned around and went home.

when i passed these cows, they were looking at me shady.

a tradition in switzerland by the builders is to put a tree on the roof when the roof is done. they go cut the top off a tree up in the hills. strange but true.

i love where we live. come visit us!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


it has been too long i am sorry. during the day i have been busy emailing those who signed up to be emailed pictures of themselves at the photo booth at my wedding, took up the last 3 days of computer time. (i emailed them large files so the loading took forever also while editing them and loading them to my blog which also took far too long). you can see them over HERE at my all things lovely blog. i just love them, so worth the effort.

here you have, a very detailed telling of our last couple days...

we have been keeping ourselves busy, as usual. we live west of and jachen works east of st. gallen and all the whenever i need to go with him somewhere he hast to pass the city and pass the stores to drive up the mountain to come pick me up and then go back down. he never complains and is always willing to take the extra time to get me. after work on friday jachen came and got me and then we went into st. gallen to turn in the license plates that were on the car we purchased. we parked about 5 blocks from the building and when we just walked up to the building jachen realized he forgot something in the car and he had to run all the way back to the car because the licensing place was closing in 20min...he never complained he had to run there and back. i for sure would have complained...oh wait i did, i complained about him forgetting something even though i asked him at the car if he had everything. but he was speedy and we made it in time. jachen never complains...he just does what has to be done. after turning in the plates, we decided to do a small amount of grocery shopping but along the way found a hardware/garden store(like unto Lowes or Home Depot) called OBI. it also has a small random craft and framing section. we went in hoping to find myself spray paint...after taking a generous amount of paint chips(solely because i am addicted to color with no real reason to need paint chips...jachen had to pull me away) we found the spray paint. not only where there not many colors to chose from, but the spray paint was 11.50 a bottle. OUCH. however, we bought some. then both of us got giddy when we found the craft section. another reason i love that jachen of mine...he loves to make and create things as well and we both get equally excited. however, i was then at that point reminded how outdated switzerlands craft selection is. however i found one thing there that i am particularly excited for come Christmastime.

saturday morning and into the early afternoon jachen and i worked on yard work and a bit of house work. before i began yard work, i spray painted our chandelier...which i will reveal the final outcome on another post. jachen and i have a pretty good sized yard/garden. well i guess compared to many yards and gardens it is small, but that fact that we have a yard and garden makes us have to work out in it regardless. i pulled weeds while jachen clipped bushes and got ride of bushes. our ideal to not have a garden. so we are on our way to getting ride of it. neither of us know how to have a garden nor does either of us have a desire to maintain it. i will show you our yard and garden later in a video another time.

in the afternoon jachen and i went in search for more thrift stores. not successful. one of them wasn't even there anymore, one of them was overly priced junk and the third closed 10min before we got there. the thrift stores here are a joke...they are all overly priced and have junk. and when i say junk i dont mean "because all thrifts really are just junk" no, i mean euro junk. i dont mean to be cruel but imagine an already poorly furnished/decorated/home furnished country and then a store filled with all the junk that THEY dont want...get it? i have managed to find myself a handful of good pieces in the past, like last week for example(again, will show that to you another time) but still a bit overpriced. for example something that would be priced $2 at a thrift store in America, is priced $6-$8 here. a nice piece of framed art in the US would be like $20-30 and here is $60-80. well enough of my disdain towards their second hand stores.

after not having success at the second had stores, we headed to the car where we heard someones back car plate fall off as they drove off up the street. we decided to pick it up and turn it in so they could have it back. we decided to head into downtown st. gallen to the licensing office to drop it off there and of course the office was closed. we parked and walked into rainy st. gallen, not ideal, in search of the police station and arrived to find it closed. while headed back to the car jachen spotted a police officer and ran over to hand the plate to them. finally we were rid of it. i forgot to mention our stop into the candy store when first walking into the city. that was a vital part of our day. we left st. gallen candy in stow and headed to Austria to have dinner with jachen's friends at a chinese restaurant. we enjoyed the evening with his friends and enjoyed the chinese food.

sunday was lazy and monday evening jachen and i went on a walk/trek into the beautiful meadows and woods. it was an enjoyable evening walk/trek and i regret to say i didn't bring my camera.

tuesday evening we went grocery shopping. every two weeks we go on our big grocery shopping excursion.

wednesday, yesterday i went on another long walk and last night we watched the bieber movie on my laptop that i rented on itunes. thank you itunes. jachen and i very much enjoyed the movie and afterwards he told me he was glad i made him watch it. i knew he would like it.

that sums it up.

random other news...the Heinz ketchup is too sweet here, i got a nice little sunburn yesterday and the other night i found a hole in the side of my back tooth, SCARY, i am afraid to know what that will entail. i have no idea when it happened and why it doesn't hurt.

photos of the last few days.

what it looks like driving into St. Gallen

before i painted the chandelier.

jachen working hard out in the yard

on the way to look for the thrift store, i found this beautiful view. click on the photos bigger to see the rolling hills better.

oh hey there.

my cute husband driving us to austria.

on our way to austria, jachen showed me where he works

his desk is at the top left window

our candy bag, we love our sweets.

another reason i love jachen...he likes napping on the floor too.

you could say we bought a lot of yogurt. top shelf and two rows on the next shelf down...granted we do have a small euro fridge.

can't forget the disposal of the cat that snuck in from our garage and then came upstairs.

bieber and me...oh and jachen. dont mind the ugly computer glare.

a sneak peak photo of a future post...and yes that is mr. darcy on the screen.

Friday, May 13, 2011

i love going on walks

the other day i went for an hour long walk. finally. i tied my laces, grabbed my ipod, camera and house key and was out the door. luckily i brought my camera because now you can get a better look at where we live. it is such a beautiful area. enjoy the pictures of some things i found along my way.

click on the photos to get a closer look

this video is taken at the turn onto our street. lovely.

jachen suggested i make a collection of photos where they are building here, to see the progress. we are sad they are building here because we are afraid it will block the beautiful hill side. before it was beautiful grass with cows.

that swimming pool looked mighty tempting.

now i am across the way, on the hill that is across from our street.

there is our house inside the circle.

there is our house. beautiful huh?

video from the above photos spot which is again the mountainside across from our side. you can hear cowbells.

this lovely church chimes for us everyday. we can hear it all the way at our house.

there we are again, a zoomed in view. that window i circled is our attic window.

i LOVE the trees here. such a beautiful variety. switzerland is so lush.

a random "camp site" near our house

home again. you can see this shot in the first video, this is right by our house on our street. they grow the grass really high then cut it.