Monday, September 26, 2011


I forgot to mention this in the previous blog post...but before we left the temple I decided to talk to an American group that were sitting and eating lunch. AND it turns out the girl there is the sister of the girl that is currently nannying for the family I worked for last year in Switzerland. This girl, Rachel has met that family several times and has heard all about me! Such a small world! AND her other sister nannied them last year and I met her when I went to visit the family I worked for back in October. Crazy! Her parents were there visiting from the States so I met them too. Rachel is the girl at the very end of the video I took of the temple.
What are the odds!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


This is a Durum. They are all over Switzerland sold at Kebab places. The first time I had one in May I didn't like it, but every Kebab place is different and uses a different sauce. A few weeks ago I wanted to try a Durum again because it's the cheapest "fast food" here and I wanted to give it another shot. So we tried the place closest to our home and loved this one.
Yay! Sauerkraut on a hot dog! Well I should say "hot dog" because they are not quite the same as an American style hot dog. Speaking of hot dogs, in college on one of my french tests there was a question asking what "hot dog" was in French. I thought it must have been a trick question, but really was "hot dog" in French.
Jachen bought himself a soldering iron to work on some hobby stuff. He has set up a table in the living room so he can work on it and still be near me.
I received a package from my parents this week and inside there was a Mariners ball cap for Jachen. He sure is excited about that.
This past Saturday Jachen and I went to the Bern Temple with members from our ward. After our morning session we went to the Mormon Home store and LOOK WHAT I FOUND! A&W Root Beer! I have been craving Root Beer and there it has been waiting for me. It was pretty expensive, but it was a must. Oh, and it was French week at the temple so there were many French speaking Temple workers and people going in and out of the Temple. I sure love that language. Oh and it was really really sunny when we took those pictures together, so that is why my eyes are closed. 

Then we visited the spot at the Temple where Jachen proposed to me back in October, almost a year ago. He is pointing to the spot we stood and you can see how he is praising that I said "yes" to him then.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Home Teaching

Jachen and our Home Teachers Peter on the right and Roberto on the left{your right and left}. Jachen showing pictures of Seattle, Puget Sound, Kayaking, Dicks Burgers, Lynnwood and teaching Peter how to use Google Maps. We ended up talking so much about life in Seattle and looking things up on Google Maps that we didn't have time for a lesson. Oops. It was fun. Now you can see what our Home Teachers look like.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Skyping with Babies!

I love these babies. I have some cute baby nephews, I would say. The older one Xander, hogged the screen and baby Henry enjoyed observing and sucking on his hands. What cuties. 

I don't have much to update...

|| My ankle I THINK is getting may finally heal completely.
|| Remember when our washing machine/dryer was having issues? Well it is again...right now our damp clothes are hanging around the house drying and then after they dry I will iron them. Now, that is the life.
|| We are going grocery shopping in Germany again. I think that is the highlight of my life now. Which is sad. Ha. It is much cheaper to shop there and we have such a bigger variety. CAN NOT WAIT.
|| My engagement/wedding ring is at a jewelry store "getting cleaned". We took it in on Friday...and it's Tuesday...I am eager to have it back. Not only is it taking far too long to be cleaned, but then I have to pay $10 for it. I miss hoping over to Fred Meyer and getting it cleaned in 5seconds and it being free.
|| OH, here is some big news...we plan on moving! We decided it would be best for us to save money on rent by moving into a flat. We can't move till February and we don't know where we are moving, but I am for sure looking forward to it. Wanna come help pack when it's time? Good. See you then.

That about ends the update.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Jachen's work 20th Anniversary Party/Extravaganza

This past Saturday we attended Jachen's work celebration of their 20 years in business. We arrived at his work at 10am and there waited a table full of different flavored croissants and donuts{well one kind of donut, Switzy isn't donut land}. Jachen and I ate breakfast before we went, because I didn't know there was going to be 45 of waiting around and eating breakfast {we could have arrived at 1030} After the breakfast spread we all piled into the coach bus where we rode about a half hour to a dump. Yes dump.

The company Jachen works for makes a lot of heat exchangers and this dump has one of the biggest ones they have made. This dump is also unique because not only does it take in our trash, but it burns it and turns it into electricity and heating for nearby businesses. Pretty sweet setup. It was actually an interesting tour and would have been even better if my ankle wasn't being used too much and it didn't stink as much as it did.
Isn't that claw/job creepy?

Below you can peek in and see the waste being burned...I think it was 1,800 degrees in there. And we could feel the heat when standing near the peek window. Below the bottom left picture, the big silver machinery/heat exchanger is what Jachen's company made for this dump.

After our tour, we went in one of their rooms for drinks and snacks. Then we drove about 15-20 min to this restaurant that is inside a mountain. Not only was there a restaurant in there BUT inside you can take a little train ride deep INTO the mountain and learn about the mining that used to be there. It was pretty awesome, however it was not good for my ankle. Lunch was on Jachen's company and it was a three course meal...I didn't take a picture of the salad we were served first which was the best part. The main dish was not amazing, but that is Swiss food for ya! The cinnamon ice cream we had for dessert was divine for sure.

After we ate lunch we watched a half hour video about the mine and mountain history. I slept on Jachen's shoulder, it was in German and Jachen didn't want to translate{nor did I want him to}. After that we put on yellow hard hats and climbed into a TINY mine train and headed into the cold mountain. If I remember right {I really didn't hear much of the history because it was in German} they mostly found a lot of Iron in the mountain, and there is still some in there but the mine isn't being dug anymore. They split us into 3 groups. We attended the shorter tour group.

This machine this old man showed us was actually SUPER loud, almost had to plug my ears.

Below you can see how deep we went in. We started where the blue circle is and rode the train into the pink area. It was fun and a bit creepy. After our tour we sat at some wood tables in the middle of the mountain and had beverages. {a lot of rest breaks this day}

Oh I forgot to mention, at lunch the bus driver sat by me and he found out I was American and started speaking to me in English. He is originally from Southern Ireland. We became friends. {although he was very opinionated and didn't like Swiss people all that much}. OH and another thing, coach drivers in Switzerland become part of the group. They get to do whatever their passengers do. So the whole day he hung out with our party. After the mountain escapade, he drove us back to Jachen's work. When we got close he said his "nice to drive you's" and "have a great night's" on the intercom AND then he did a special goodbye for me where he spoke in English. He wished me good luck on my European living and happiness and wished my ankle recovery. That was nice of him. When we all piled out of the bus at Jachen's work the coach bus left. I think we arrived there around 7pm? maybe. Jachen showed me where his desk was, sorry the picture is such bad quality, it was dark in there and I only had my itouch.

While we waited for food, there was a live of the guys that works in the shop's band. And drinking and mingling and finally we were able to get in line for appetizers. GOSH feed us dinner already! Then finally like at 830 we had dinner. But it was worth the wait. A Thai restaurant catered and it was delicious. I ate white rice, fried rice, steamed veggies, sweet&sour pork{or chicken} and some coconut chicken. SO yum. After dinner we {had to} watched a powerpoint that the owner put together of a summary of the last 20years. Oh my. A lot of machinery pics and a story about each picture. Death. Then after he gave a gift to two guys that had been there all 20 years. After the powerpoint the Thai restaurant put out some fruit and a cake and we ate that then left at 1030. We were the first to leave and we drove home a man Jachen works with and his like 7 year old son{who is super cute, they biked to the party so Jachen offered to drive them home since it was dark and rainy}. The party was just starting really. After we left there was going to be massive dessert, more music and a BBQ! Serious. I swear we ate all day already! So we missed that but we were both tired and my foot was killing.

Not only did I walk a ton on it {the most I have walked on it since the injury} but when I wasn't walking my foot was down so all the blood was down at my foot. So when I got home and took off my wrap and sock, I found the below. Major swelling. Jachen asked those in charge when he signed us up that we were going that day how much walking we would be doing and they said not a lot. Well the problem is I shouldn't really walk more than 15min. Ever since that day my ankle has been having problems, I don't think it agreed with my walking and use that day.
It was over all a great day. It was really great to see who Jachen works with and to meet his boses. I got to know the guys that Jachen "hangs out" with the most at work. They all seemed very nice and that they really liked Jachen.