Monday, November 14, 2011

Eventful weekend

Our weekend was great. Thanks to my ipod for helping preserve the memory.
We drooled over chocolate as our noses pressed against the windows
We ate a delicious meat/pork, lettuce and yummy spicy sauce sandwhich
We also ate mac&cheese the Swiss version, yum
We happened upon the first day of Christmas decorations on sale at the nearby thrift store, yess. We loaded up a box of some good decorations
We went to a candy store and picked up some American candy and soda, ROOT BEER!
I bought some colored tape for hanging art on the wall
Isn't that a cute heart deer wall hanging? It's perfect
More lovely fires, toasty
Like my new wreath made of twigs? Perfection. Great for Fall and Christmas decor
Ate Spaghetti dinner every night, yum
Braided three scarves together, but then opted out of wearing it to Stake Conference & look at that yellow skin I got in that picture 

Sunday evening we went to a concert at a local church. There were three performances/groups. The first was a brass band made of kids, a Yodeling group from the area and then a bigger brass band of adults. It was a great evening and we enjoyed the performances. I especially enjoyed Swiss Yodeling. Jachen didn't, he had heard far too much Yodeling in his lifetime. Sorry the photos are so bad of the concert they had some major spotlights going on on the stage.

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joslin said...

about time you put pictures of yourself on here! love the scarfs all together. also your hair is super cute! looks like a fun weekend! :)